Regional Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI)

By NUTS3 local areas, 1997-2013

This motion chart illustrates movements in GDHI and its components at sub-regional levels. It is intended to allow users to create their own analyses of the data. Each circle represents a local area, with the size of the circle representing its population. Areas can be highlighted or selected to track that area's progress across the time series. Clicking on the horizontal or vertical axis headings allow you to select which component of income to show on the graph. The PLAY button at the bottom left will then draw the chart through the time series 1997-2013.

GDHI is the amount of money that all of the individuals in the household sector have available for spending or saving after income distribution measures (for example taxes, social contributions and benefits) have taken effect, in millions of pounds.

It should be noted that these estimates relate to totals for all individuals within the household sector for an area rather than to an actual average household or family unit.

Data published on 27 May 2015.

Short video on how to use this interactive chart

Interactive motion chart