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Area: Leominster (Parish) 

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Area: Leominster (Parish)

Area: Leominster (Parish)

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Sex, 2011 (QS104EW)

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VariableMeasureLeominster Herefordshire, County of (Unitary Authority) West Midlands England
All Usual Residents (Persons)1 Count11,6912 183,4775,601,84753,012,456
Males (Persons)1 Count5,6952 90,3022,763,18726,069,148
Females (Persons)1 Count5,9962 93,1752,838,66026,943,308
Last Updated: 30 January 2013
Source: Office for National Statistics

1 National Statistics
2 Value derived by aggregating data supplied using the Neighbourhood Statistics Geography Hierarchy