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Area: Wells (Parish) 

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Area: Wells (Parish)

Area: Wells (Parish)

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Usual Resident Population, 2011 (KS101EW)

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VariableMeasureWells Mendip (Non-Metropolitan District) South West England
All Usual Residents (Persons)1 Count10,5362 109,2795,288,93553,012,456
Males (Persons)1 Count4,8822 53,3872,590,60826,069,148
Males (Persons)1 %~48.949.049.2
Females (Persons)1 Count5,6542 55,8922,698,32726,943,308
Females (Persons)1 %~
Lives in a Household (Persons)1 Count10,1862 106,0315,175,08452,059,931
Lives in a Household (Persons)1 %~97.097.898.2
Lives in a Communal Establishment (Persons)1 Count3502 3,248113,851952,525
Lives in a Communal Establishment (Persons)1 %~
Schoolchild or Full-Time Student Aged 4 and Over at their Non Term-Time Address (Persons)1 Count1922 1,83571,157650,145
Area (Hectares) (Areas)1 Count5482 73,9442,383,73613,027,843
Density (Number of Persons per Hectare) (Persons)1 Rate~
Last Updated: 30 January 2013
Source: Office for National Statistics

1 National Statistics
2 Value derived by aggregating data supplied using the Neighbourhood Statistics Geography Hierarchy