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CF82 7ND within neighbourhood Caerphilly 012C 

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CF82 7ND is within your neighbourhood Caerphilly 012C in your area Caerphilly 012 in Caerphilly local authority in Wales. Note that some statistical boundaries were redrawn following the 2011 Census, so this map may not reflect the one shown on other Summary tabs.

Mid-2011 population estimates

VariableMeasureYour neighbourhood Your area
All people Count2,1227,782
Males Count1,0293,810
Females Count1,0933,972
Percentage of people in each age band in your neighbourhood, mid-2011

Bar chart  Caerphilly 012C
All Persons; Aged 65 and Over (Males), 60 and Over (Females)
 Value: 15.6  Caerphilly 012C
All Persons; Aged 50-64 (Males), 50-59 (Females)
 Value: 16.0  Caerphilly 012C
All Persons; Aged 25-49
 Value: 35.2  Caerphilly 012C
All Persons; Aged 16-24
 Value: 11.7  Caerphilly 012C
All Persons; Aged 0-15
 Value: 21.5

Our most recent data on people's religion comes from the 2011 Census:

Religion, March 2011

VariableMeasureYour neighbourhood Caerphilly Wales
Christian %50.650.757.6
Buddhist %
Hindu %
Jewish %
Muslim %
Sikh %
Other Religion %
No Religion %41.640.932.1
Religion Not Stated %

Sources: Office for National Statistics